Services Provided

Vehicle Driving


We will drive your vehicle home for you so you are not driving intoxicated under any legal substances.  You may smoke and use legal substances in our back seats as all of our drivers have a chauffeur license.


Our vehicles are equipped with Emergency lighting systems for our safety when rescuing citizens off the highway, we have authorization to use our lighting systems for set purposes. Our vehicles also have reflective writing to help us be seen at night.  911 sends us all over to pick citizens up for the counties law enforcement agencies; we have brand new vehicles on the road as your safety is our first priority. 

We provide transportation in the following order to the community.

911, Bars, Work, School, Doctors, Church, Grocery and out of town transportation for a fair donation.

Community Adoption

We adopt areas and clean them up for the community. We actively clean M-106 in Jackson just north of the prison from Cooper Rd. to Root Station. We are looking forward to helping the community in more adoptions in the near future.